African Cushion Cover Green Yellow and Brown Colours

African Cushion Cover Handmade Textile Printed

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Vibrant Wax Fabric Handmade Cushion Cover made from African wax fabric.

All interior seams are overlocked to prevent fraying. Zip opening at the bottom. African fabric is on both sides.

One of the most obvious features of the material culture of Africa is cloth. Woven textiles, and other fabrics, are available in almost every part of the continent, and more often than not in substantial quantity.

This is, of course, particularly apparent in any market in West or North Africa; but it is surely hardly less true of other regions. The most obvious use of textiles is as articles of clothing. One or more lengths of cloth may be draped around the body, or tailored to make gowns, tunics, trousers and so on.

Modesty, whatever that may mean to a particular people, and protection against the elements are, however, not the only purposes of clothing. Particular colours or decorative embellishments or shapes of garment may have cultural value such that the wearer is immediately associated with the possession of great wealth or status.

Alternatively, an otherwise relatively poor man may possess one costly gown which he will wear only at important occasions.

Dimensions: 19inches x 19inches Approx.

Material: Cotton.

Washing: Washing light and dark colours separately. Limited program at 40C. Do not wring, rub or twist. Do not bleach.

*Despite every effort to provide accurate images of each product's colour and design, actual colours and design may vary slightly using African wax fabrics.

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