Buddha Ornament Stone Cast with little Holder - Gold H32cm Homedecor

Buddha Ornament Stone Cast with little Holder - Gold H32cm Homedecor

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Stone cast Buddha with tea light holder - Gold coloured Add a touch of contemporary charm to your interiors with this ornamental Stone Cast sitting Buddha garnished with a flat base for easy placement.

This Meditation Buddha, made in Nepal, is great for people who are either looking for peace and calm in their lives, or for those who wish to improve their own meditation skills.

In this pose, the Buddha is depicted face up, and the legs are crossed, either in a Double Lotus pose (with the ankles of each leg tucked behind one another in a locked position), or in a Single Lotus pose (where one leg rests on top of the other leg). Occasionally, an alms bowl is placed in the lap as well. As this statue generally represents focused concentration, the eyes of the Buddha are either depicted as halfway closed, or closed nearly all the way. The silhouette of the statue is shaped - more or less - like a triangle, which represents stability.

Height: 32cm

Materials: Stone Cast

Colour: Gold

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