Mexican Lucha Libre Shishitas 8GB USB Memory Stick - ByMexico

Mexican Lucha Libre Shishitas 8GB USB Memory Stick - ByMexico

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Mexican Lucha Libre - Power is evoked with it!

It is known as a mexican wrestling the professional fighting version practiced in Mexico which is characterised by its locks at mat level and also at ring side.

The term 'mexican' is used because of the special peculiarities of the wrestling techniques, acrobatics, rules and folklore of the country that give it an authenticity feature different from any other country.

It is from this that mythical characters of popular culture emerge from Mexican Wrestling such as El Santo or Mil Mascaras among others. Many wrestlers wear a mask to hide their identity and create an image that would give them a special personality.

8GB USB Memory Stick.

Imported from Mexico.

By Mexico is a brand that cares for Mexican culture and traditions, wether its Xolos, Luchadores or native culture, By Mexico embraces Mexican traditional roots and embellish all of it with modern joyful design.

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