Pangea Passport Notebook
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Pangea Passport Notebook

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48 pages | 3-3/8” x 4-7/8” 

Though we admit it's highly unlikely, the idea of a time travel machine during our lifetime is not totally out of the question. (There are rumors that Apple is trying to build such a device so they can go back and ask Steve Jobs for advice.) 

If you were able to travel back in time -- REALLY far back -- this Pangaea Passport notebook might come in handy. Imagine hurtling 300 million years into the past only to discover that you can't get in because you lack the proper documentation. Unlike cheap imitations, this OFFICIAL Pangaea Passport notebook has the look and feel of an actual passport and is guaranteed to give you access to the entire prehistoric supercontinent, regardless of your port of entry or year of origin. 

Your passport also doubles as a useful ruled notebook where you can record your thoughts – whether you’re the kind of person who lives in the past, the present, or the future. 

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