Fair Trade Elephant Handmade Notebook

Fair Trade Elephant Handmade Notebook

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Take home this beautiful Handmade Notebook with an Elephant on it.

Fair Trade and handmade Elephant Green Notebook - Handmade paper and Tie cord.

Made in India Fair Trade, Eco and Ethical Gifts for the Trade.

Tie cordSize: 18.5 x 13cm.

Handmade Paper.

Made in India.

Elephants have been an important part of human life in Asia and Africa for 4000 years, but with drastically reduced populations, Asian and African Elephants have now been put on the endangered species list. The main threats to Asia and Africa Elephant populations is loss of habitat, conflict with humans, poaching and capture of wild elephants.

Please, let's be kind with them!!! Let's Save them!!!!

Fair wages and working conditions for the artisans We ensure that the artisans who make these products get a fair wage, their workplace is safe, that there is no exploitation (for instance of children), that women are treated equally, and that the community and those most in need of work benefit from our trade. We encourage the use of sustainable materials, and offer a large selection of recycled Fair Trade products.

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