The Four Great Beauties Fan

The Four Great Beauties Fan

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The Four Great Beauties are four Chinese women, renowned for their beauty. These were Xi Shi, Wang Zhaojun, Diaochan, and Yang Guifei.

The scarcity of historical records concerning them meant that much of what is known of them today has been greatly embellished by legend.

They all were said to have in some manner caught the attention of a ruling king or emperor in their respective eras.

They gained their reputation from the influence they exercised over kings and emperors and, consequently, the way their actions impacted Chinese History.

Three of the Four Beauties brought kingdoms to their knees and their lives ended in tragedy. Silky fabric fan decorated with the Four Beauties: Xi Shi, Wang Zhao Jun, Yang Gui Fei, Diao Chan.

Plain golden fabric reverse. With mid-tone bamboo fretwork and reverse-etched frame revealing a floral pattern.

Dimensions (l x b x h): 32cm radius x 3cm x 3cm

Materials: Bamboo, man-made fibre

Colours: Golden, various

Weight: 100g  

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