Vintage Eiffel Tower Home Decor Different Sizes

Vintage Eiffel Tower Home Decor Different Sizes

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Paris Eiffel Tower Vintage Home Decor. 18 cm - 25cm - 38cm. 

This item is a Paris Eiffel Tower model which is made of high-quality metal alloy material.. It can be used as a decoration, a collection or a present for your friends.

In June of 1940, the Nazi war machine triumphantly entered the streets of Paris to begin their rule over the city with an iron fist.

Before the tanks and soldiers arrived almost 2 million Parisians managed to flee.

Those who remained were to begin their long period of underground resistance with one small, but significant act of defiance.

The cables to the lift of the Eiffel Tower were severed so that Hitler would need to climb the steps to reach the top of the tower.

But the embarrassment for the Nazi's wouldn't end there.

German soldiers also had to climb the tower to hoist a swastika over it. This was very large and blew away only hours later.

This was later replaced by a much smaller one.

The Tower would remain closed during the Occupation and the lift was finally repaired in 1946.

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